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Introducing our MadTrav Range of Multifloral Manuka Honey designed to promote daily well-being, elevate beauty routines, or serve as a delightful addition to enhance the flavor of your favorite dishes.

New Zealand Mānuka Honey is a renowned ingredient for its unique properties and is the gold standard in honeys. Found along the remote, arid coastlines of New Zealand, the Mānuka tree is home to a delicate little white flower. Thanks to the European honeybee, the Mānuka pollen is collected during the short 2-6-week flowering period, and from these flowers, Mānuka Honey is born. Because of the Mānuka flowers, the honey has a distinct flavour, that is instantly recognisable compared to other types of honeys. But most importantly, the honey retains the incredible genetic properties of the Mānuka tree, which contains powerful antimicrobial properties. Mānuka Honey’s natural soothing properties are considered almost four times stronger than regular honey, making it an incredible ingredient for topical skincare and personal care. Combined with the natural antimicrobial properties of methylglyoxal, Mānuka Honey has become a staple for promoting general well-being.

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Unlock the incredible benefits of Manuka Honey…

  • Contains antibacterial properties.
  • Provides support to general wellbeing.
  • Fully traceable back to New Zealand.
  • Tested for its purity and potency.
  • Harvested from the pristine East Cape region of New Zealand.
  • Our Lucious and intensely creamy Manuka is lovingly added to each jar and fully traceable back to hive.

What is Manuka Honey?

Mānuka honey comes from the nectar of the flower of the Mānuka bush (Leptospermum scoparium) which is indigenous to New Zealand. It is the nectar and the bee that give this honey its unique properties and benefits.

What does MGO stand for?

MGO stands for Methylglyoxal, a natural compound found in varying concentrations in Manuka honey. It is the key component responsible for the unique antibacterial properties of Manuka honey. The MGO level is often used as a marker to measure the potency and quality of Manuka honey – higher MGO levels generally indicate a more potent and beneficial honey.

How can Manuka Honey enhance my health and well-being?

Manuka Honey is expertly crafted to support your immune system and ease sore throats. Additionally, when applied topically, it offers skin-nourishing effects, moisturising, reducing inflammation, and promoting a radiant and healthy complexion.

Why is Manuka honey renowned for its antibacterial properties?

Scientifically, Manuka honey has demonstrated the ability to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, making it effective in preventing infections and promoting the healing of wounds and cuts. Additionally, it has been shown to combat infections, providing relief for conditions like sore throats and respiratory infections. Manuka honey may contribute to digestive health by addressing bacterial imbalances in the gut.